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Rallying, begging, listening to talk radio, watching TV pundits, writing letters to the editor, and otherwise complaining isn’t making the difference we need.

But what if there was something you could do that does make a difference?

What if you could work from inside our political system to change the status quo? What if it only cost you a small amount of time, but had a major impact?

What if there was an approach to politics so powerful, it had candidates calling you instead of you calling them?

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Since getting involved in the process I am going to tell you about, I have not only received countless calls, but I even regularly receive resumes from candidates seeking my support! 

I first learned about this approach in late 2009, when I helped start a local grassroots liberty group in my county.

It turns out, there is a “secret” that the parties use to control the outcome of elections. It is likely that you have already seen this technique used but were unaware of its influence.

To learn the “secret,” click on this link to get the first chapter of my book RIGGED for FREE.

I promise if you do, you will never look at politics the same way again.

And with luck, you will be inspired to get involved as I and thousands of others have.

In Liberty,

Ted Stevenot

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